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Prices for 3D Laser Scanning & Measured Building Survey Services

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3D Laser Scanning & Measured Building Survey Prices

Our 3D laser scanning and measured building survey services consists of top-quality and reliable equipment to reflect the accuracy and exceptional information of an existing building project. Derby Measured Survey offers complete resolutions to optimise the progress of your project.

Completing a Measured Survey creates the initial step in producing your 3D Point Cloud. Following the client’s specifications and requirements, we deliver a LOD3 or LOD4 point cloud data, where it is accessible through Webshare Cloud.

If you are looking to visualise and create a scale and tangible result according to the point cloud data received, our technicians use AutoCAD software to produce as-built 2D drawings and plans of the collected information. The client requests which formats are required from floor plans, ceiling plans, roof plans, elevations and cross-sections.

If you want to take your planning and optimisations to the next level, our 3D BIM Models services are available upon request. Determine the level of detail, the model format such as exterior or internal elevations, and create an undeniable workspace to coordinate and communicate within your team.

Why trust Derby Measured Survey?

  • Our services are bulletproof when supplying high-standard and realistic data, no matter your project’s scale and complexity.
  • Our 3D laser scanning professionals are trained, experienced and highly adaptable to complete your services promptly located in Derby.
  • Our experienced team ensure you do not lack any information or data of your project when delivering Point Cloud, As-built 2D plans and 3D BIM models.
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