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As-built 2D Drawings for Derby Projects

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As Constructed Measured Survey Drawings

Our technicians produce floor plans, roof plans, internal elevations, external elevations and cross-sections through our measured building project in Derby. As-built 2D drawings which contain the highest level of detail.

The Success of 2D Drawings

It contains all information

Find exact and detailed measurements in all formats of our as-built 2D plans: floor plans, roof plans, elevations and cross-sections.

No errors or mistakes

Derby Measured Survey are professionals when delivering flawless planning and documentation. Eliminate the risk of receiving inconsistent and problematic data.

A quick solution

As-built 2D CAD drawings with a quick turnaround. Invent in the most accurate, cost and time-effective service within 3D laser scanning technology.

Determine your detail level

The client has a choice in the level of detail they require for their building project and can request any format to fit their job.

The best 2D plans in Derby

Our 3D laser company work diligently to deliver your as-built 2D plans quickly and efficiently following our measured building survey. Floor plans, ceiling plans, cross-sections, elevations and site plans are provided in .DWG format through AutoCAD software.

As-built 2D Drawings through 3D Laser Scanning

Trust us when we say as-built 2D drawings is the ideal service for your project’s planning and progression. Avoid any risk of future errors due to miscalculated and misinterpreted information and data. Our technology captures realistic and accurate data.


Brilliant data in accessible format!

Analyse precision and accuracy through our plans constructed by 3D Laser scanning technology. Contact us today for a free competitive quote.