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As-built 3D BIM Models

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Success in 3D BIM Modelling

3D BIM Modelling has become one of the most popular and rewarding services in the 3D laser scanning industry. Allow our company to produce existing building models in Revit format to analyse your project.

The rising success of BIM

Tracking and Progression

3D BIM Models allows professionals and clients to monitor their building project’s progress, from concept to construction and later maintenance.

Optimisation of building

3D modelled buildings are analysed and optimised for performance and maintenance. Manage the operation and management of facilities through one form of data.

Easy Collaborations

Professionals can now effortlessly collaborate and coordinate on planning, designing, and constructing a building within one 3D BIM Model.

The detail provided

Select the 3D BIM Model most beneficial to you as we deliver photorealistic LOD3 and LOD4 renderings through measured surveys.

Trusted Revit Software which delivers

Constructing and producing 3D BIM models is straightforward when using Autodesk Revit Software. Reliable software for reliable results which you can only find here in Derby Measured Survey.

What do you receive?

Our clients will gain a replication and realistic representation of their current building project in layman’s terms, available to access through a simple digital file. Request the complete 3D model, elevations or sections of the specified to communicate amongst professionals.


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