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Large Scale Scanning

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Portable Large Scale Scanning

Do you require a speedy service when scanning a room or specific area of your project’s interior or exterior? Large Scale Laser Scanning provides a quicker solution than measured surveys while still maintaining its data’s efficiency and reliability.

Coherent and quick solutions

Maintain reliability but with flexibility

Our handheld laser scanning equipment captures an incredible amount of detail, diminishing the time to capture, for quicker and accessible results.

Capturing portable data

Our surveyors and professionals have extensive experience in all surveying. We complete a thorough survey using handheld equipment, ensuring all features in the space are scanned.

Relying on excellent equipment

Derby Measured Survey professionals rely on high-quality and well-known equipment which is commonly used in 3D laser scanning. A non-invasive solution when scanning your space.

Straightforward & efficient process

If you don’t have time for a measured survey service or require a more affordable solution, large-scale mobile laser scanning is the ideal technique for you and your smaller project.

The beauty of mobile laser scanning

A 3D mobile laser scanning catches the whole surface of your requested space, by analysing and processing all data and features such as objects, positions, and measurements from any interior or exterior site. Avoid invasive or heavy equipment when using the light mobile laser scanner.

The exceptional and conclusive results

Once we capture all data from the 3D mobile laser scanner, our experienced team transmits this data into reliable software to produce as-built 2D drawings or 3D models of the targeted area, or specific objects from the space and site.


Large-Scale Scanning in Derby

With over year and years of experienced applications within 3D laser scanning, you can be confident in our 3D laser scanning company to produce the desired results you need to speed up the process.