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Measured Building Survey in Derby

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Measured Building Surveys in Derby, UK

Replicating existing buildings and information has never been so easy now with 3D laser scanning equipment and expertise. Our 3D laser scanning company delivers a fantastic and friendly customer service when scanning your project.

The excellence of surveying

Results which are undeniable

Our equipment is continuously, thoroughly checked to meet the high-quality standards you require and deserve. We use well-known brand FARO for your scanning services.

A large amount of experience

Our surveying team consists of extensive years of experience in all aspects of 3D laser scanning and surveying. We are trained to solve every solution.

Irresistible and competitive pricing

Do not get shocked by a surprise cost to repair accidents or mistakes from measurements. Measured Surveys are reliable form the very beginning and minimise cost and time.

Simple and prompt process

Do not prolong the schedule of works for your construction and building project. Derby Measured Survey makes it easy to get on with your project and speed up the process.

The most beneficial service for success

The first service in creating solid planning and proceed with the current project is a measured building survey. We collect data of existing surroundings and contain that information to transform it in whatever will be most beneficial to you and your project.

What is our process?

Our surveyors organise a date and time to access the site, and we arrive fully equipped and prepared to survey the specified job. Data is collected, and we translate the scans into 3D Point Cloud, where we proceed to create your as-built 2D drawing or 3D BIM models.


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