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3D Point Cloud Data in Derby

3D Point Cloud Data

Generate point cloud data through 3D laser scanning technology and measure a high number of surface points in range. 3D Point Cloud is that solid base to produce your as-built 2D plans and 3D BIM models.

Reliable 3D Point Cloud

Replicating detail

Obtain point cloud which is ultra-detailed and accurate, showing evidence that information collected is equal to what is presented.

Secure final outcomes

To construct your detailed plans and models, we ensure that the 3D point cloud is bulletproof and offers no risk of errors and mistakes.

Protecting environments

You will receive correct and precise data while surveyors maintain and care for the property and site, they’re working in. Our tools are non-invasive and securely stable.

Level of required detail

Determine how much detail you require from 3D Point cloud. We offer LOD3 and LOD4 for residential and commercial projects and many professionals.

Explaining 3D Point Cloud

3D Point Cloud is the product of a survey when scanning through 3D laser scanners. It builds millions of measured points, each containing information about the position in space during the survey. Our job is to gather these points and transfer them into one single file, easy to manage and access.

Derby’s Predominant 3D Point Cloud Service

Our 3D Point cloud service is irrefutable as we obtain a large amount of experience in 3D laser scanning and its products. Follow a measured survey of your site and gain access to its information through a single point cloud file data. Obtaining this will allow you to create your plans and models.


Trust Derby Measured Survey

Start producing your as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM Revit Models when importing 3D point cloud into trusted software. Contact our 3D laser scanning company today for more information.