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Topographical Survey Services

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Land & Topographical Surveys in Derby

Our surveyors are here to demonstrate an accurate representation of the specified area of interest including all natural and manmade features with levels. We deliver topographical survey services in Derby using equipment such as Total Station, GPS or 3D laser scanners.

Complete topographical surveys

Data from large areas

Find documented data of larger areas and sites using the topographical survey over a measured building survey. Gain more information for greater sites.

Finding every feature

Obtain 3D points including all features such as property, land features and physical boundary details, all noted on a 2D drawing.

The most accurate data

Your topographical survey will be a completely accurate depiction of the site specified, where it is scaled and detailed corresponding to the spatial factors.

A competitive price

Using a topographical survey service will give you complete confidence with data and assurance in saving costs and time through manual labour and decreasing travel costs.

Our topographical survey process in Derby

Using a topographical survey service and completed 2D survey drawings, you can determine the property, land features, and physical boundary details presented. Your service’s instrument choice is based on the level of visibility of the terrain features and required coordinate system.

3D Laser Scanning Technology

Derby Measured Survey is always available to assist you with your most necessary deliverables and data to complete your project. 3D laser scanning technology increases your confidence with the results received and allows you always to gain reliable data.


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