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What is 3D Laser Scanning and How Does it Work?

What is 3D Laser Scanning and How Does it Work?

3D laser scanning technology was first invented in the 1960s and has been used by different industries until today.

Many have heard about the technology but what exactly is 3D laser scanning?

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning is a technology that allows the creation of photorealistic, three-dimensional images of real world objects. The rotating mirror of the scanner sends a laser beam to the surrounding objects to measure the distance and together with rotation angle data captured during movement of the head of the instrument creates a complete three-dimensional impression of the surrounding.

The integrated digital camera also takes a series of pictures that give colour information to each of millions of surveyed points, creating a photorealistic 3D point cloud.

3D laser scanners are used in a variety of industries suited for complex geometries or contoured surfaces. It is also extremely useful in different applications like surveying, reverse engineering, construction, entertainment, quality assurance, manufacturing, and more. The technology is also useful in large sites that need comprehensive data and accurate descriptions.
Like the 3D laser scanning services we offer at Derby Measured survey, these eliminate the risk of human error and mistakes when doing large scale surveying. For a reliable 3D laser scanning company in Derby, we have fitting solutions to your needs.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Technology

1. Detailed Documentation

The data captured through 3D laser scanning is comprehensive and highly accurate. The detailed documentation leaves a very minimal risk of error. This level of accuracy eliminates the need to visit the site to check if there are measurements that are missed. In addition, clients can have 360 degrees interactive views that stops actual site visit.
With Derby Measured Survey’s expert team, your project’s success is ensured from developing as-built 2D plans to 3D BIM models using the latest laser scanning technology.

2. Non-Contact Data Capture

The technology’s non-contact nature makes it the best solution for surveying sensitive objects or environment. 3D laser scanning is ideal for the preservation of heritage sites, historical buildings, and other structures in the heritage and cultural sector.
The non-invasive essence of 3D laser scanning allows objects, structures, or surfaces to be scanned with minimal to no actual physical contact. Hence, surveyors are safe from harmful risks from damaged or displaced items.

3. Fast and Easy

The speed and efficiency of data capture by 3D laser scanners make surveying large environments completed in a short time scale. This also reduces the need for multiple workforces to get the job done.
Also, the rapid speed of 3D laser scanning is beneficial particularly if working on time sensitive projects. With speed and flexibility, quick turnaround is guaranteed just like the competitive services we offer to our valued customers.

4. Cost and Time Savings

Cost and time savings are two of the most obvious benefits of 3D laser scanning technology. All the captured data with such precision at a shorter period lowers the time required to complete the job at the same time achieving the goal with less manpower.
With minimal disruption and downtime, work is done earlier than expected which means fewer costs and lesser work time.

5. Reduce Risk

With the use of 3D laser scanning technology through a reputable and experienced 3D laser scanning company like Derby Measured Survey, surveyors are saved from work-related hazards.
Hard to reach areas or hazardous environments can be accessed without the need to be physically there. The remote data collection of this technology makes it possible for surveyors to scan the actual site. With this, costly safety measures are reduced while ensuring the safety of surveyors.

3D Laser Scanning Process

  • Capturing scans on site with a 3D laser scanner.
  • Control points survey for geo-referencing purpose, with the use of other instruments like Total Station/GPS RTK/level.
  • Point cloud post-processing (registration, geo-referencing, filtering, export).
  • Uploading project to Webshare Cloud Service to share it with clients via the internet. Producing of 3D Point clouds / 2D Drawings / 3D Models.
  • Producing fly-through animations presenting point clouds / 3D models.

The tools required to perform 3D laser scanning are not cheap, but you can still enjoy its benefits without breaking the bank. Derby Measured Survey will help you with your projects at reasonable costs.
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