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Measured surveys are taking architecture by storm - here’s why

Measured surveys are taking architecture by storm - here’s why

When it comes to getting your building’s spatial measurements recorded correctly, there are few options more efficient than measured building surveys. While we may have spent decades measuring and capturing data by hand, technology is moving on – and so should you!

Thanks to the advent of 3D laser scanner technology, surveyors are in a brilliant position to help architects and designers save time, money and hassle. No one wants to wait forever for project updates – and when you take into account human errors, some projects can go on forever!

In this quick guide, we’ll show you why 3D laser scanning services can and will help you make light work of spatial planning, design and fit-out for years to come.

What are measured building surveys?

Measured building surveys are complete sweeps of your building’s dimensions and facets. Consider 3D laser scanning to be a more efficient, accurate way of drawing up drawings and floor plans. Effectively, FARO technology can help our team to accurately capture, analyse and convert your physical space into a handy as-built 2D plan or 3D model as you wish. In fact, we capture dimensions through point cloud scanning – a little more on that a bit further down.

Measured building surveys take into account the architectural and spatial qualities of a building or room from both the inside and the outside. This is why we see architects producing models to enable complete accuracy, and with the help of 3D laser scanning, we can even make that easier as well! Some buildings can be more complex than they first seem. Therefore, there’s absolutely a need to ensure that all your various nooks, crannies and corners are taken into account.

3D laser scanners apply millions of points to your physical space, taking into account structural features such as windows, walls, beams, skirting boards, passageways and more. You can fully grasp the process of 3D laser scanning through our blog post here. While it may have been seen as efficient to measure everything by hand previously, that’s no longer the case.

What happens during a measured building survey?

During measured building surveys, 3D laser scanning specialists will scan millions of laser points across your site or building. This will enable them to create data in what is known as a point cloud. This point cloud is then delivered to you for use in as built 2D drawings, 3D models and more.

Surveyors will carefully analyse the entirety of your space, which depending on size and complexity, can take up to three hours to complete. Of course, our team will always plan this with you ahead of time, so you know exactly what to expect.

Within a few days, you will have access to your own hyper-accurate point cloud data, which you can then use to plan with and manipulate. We effectively capture a real-life space in intensive detail through point cloud scanning, before delivering the information to you in a project you can rely on for the further stages of your project.

Measured building surveying in Derby is generally very efficient, however, we never cut corners or take shortcuts. We use the best in FARO 3D laser scanner technology, meaning not only is the hardware highly accurate at the point of use, we ensure to take our time in capturing every single millimetre of your space.

With 3D laser scanning services, you can be sure that human error is completely quashed. If you explore pages such as RICS and understand the extent of why surveying is important, you can truly grasp the requirement of this market with Architecture and Construction. Need more convincing? Here are a few further benefits to measured building surveys you may not have considered.

Why you need a measured building survey

First of all, measured building surveys take away the need to always have to travel to and from a project site. In the day and age of remote working, this is only ever going to be a welcome thought! What’s more, not having to attend your physical site every day, or multiple times per week, will save time and money with regard to travel.

The convenience of having simple 3D and 2D models of your wider space to work with shouldn’t ever be understated. You can simply load up your point cloud scanning results and manipulate them however you wish.

The added bonus here, too, is the fact that you can plan and make adjustments before even starting with fabrication and installation. That means you can effectively change and edit your area without the risk of human error on-site. It’s going to save you money should mistakes be made, and it’ll also mean that you don’t have to spend time and finance gutting out your space if anything goes wrong.

For the end client, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to see results sooner. Project management and delivery with measured building surveys and 3D laser scanning will help you to reach checkpoints quicker, and at a greater level of accuracy.

Of course, it is the accuracy that measured building surveys bring that really seal the deal for many professionals. 3D laser scanning is exceptionally accurate, more so than physical measuring and data capture, that is why it is so invested worldwide and continues to grow. In projects where inaccuracies are likely to lead to delays, additional costs and further hassle, it’s crucial that you seize upon data you can rely upon.

Further to this, data you can rely on is available to you from afar – again, there’s no need to check accuracy or ‘refresh’ your figures by always heading back to project or building sites. 3D laser scanning services will also take away the pressure you’d normally have to face on your own – meaning it’s even more work saved and time preserved.

Should I get a measured building survey?

Across Derby and the midlands, thousands of professionals and architects are investing in measured building surveys. For the sake of incredible accuracy, cost savings and cutting down measurement hassle, there really is only one clear choice. This is especially the case if you have tight project deadlines and checkpoints to meet along the way!

If you are thinking about setting up a measured building survey with a specialist team, be sure to get a measured survey today in Derby! We’ll lay out everything you need to know, and will help you find your way to design and build success. Contact us today to get your project on the right track!


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