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Why is a Topographical Survey Required?

Why is a Topographical Survey Required?

A topographical survey (land survey) shows the land’s topography and all its features and boundaries. Derby Measured Survey explores why this surveying service is required and the key vital details of completing a topographical survey through a reliable 3D Laser scanning company.

About Topographical Survey

A topographical survey aims to gather all the spatial information related to a site and its natural and man-made features. With the help of highly specialised laser survey equipment and skills, we conduct a detailed measurement of the height of the site’s natural and artificial topographical features. This in-depth survey service can determine all elements, such as the property, land features, and physical boundary details in the area of interest. Our topographical survey can clearly show the area boundary lines, buildings and structures, water channels, drainage features, ground heights, contours and surfaces, and water levels, among others, according to your requirements.

Measured building surveys take into account the architectural and spatial qualities of a building or room from both the inside and the outside. This is why we see architects producing models to enable complete accuracy, and with the help of 3D laser scanning, we can even make that easier as well! Some buildings can be more complex than they first seem. Therefore, there’s absolutely a need to ensure that all your various nooks, crannies and corners are taken into account.

Equipment used for Topographical Surveying

Derby Measured Survey uses a wide range of equipment and methods to produce a topographical map of your site, including:

  • Aerial: We use LIDAR and UAV photogrammetry technology to identify the contours of the area.
  • GPS: State-of-the-art GPS mapping technologies to survey areas that are not large enough to merit an aerial approach.
  • Total Stations: A field crew will directly map each feature within the project area. This is the most effective method when the site requires more detailed information due to varying elevations or unique geological features.

Why is Topographical Survey Required?

  • You require a topographical survey to have a clear picture of your building or piece of land. Having a detailed topo survey report can enable you to plan for a new building, design drainage schemes on your plot of land as well as reposition new boundaries. The latest 3D laser scanning technology helps us capture accurate data that you can use to decide on your project.
  • A topographical survey provides certainty for any planned development as it reduces the risks of costly errors that can be made if the accurate picture of the site is not known. Our topographical survey is extensive; thus, it can reveal detailed information such as changes that might have occurred on the land over time.
  • Properly understand the topography of your piece of land and its potential impact on a planned construction on the site. With a thorough topographical survey, you will have an informed design process that ensures the proper footing of a construction site and project.
  • The survey will help reduce potential costs if the objects that could delay the construction process are identified early enough.
  • It can help you avoid potential planning application refusals.

Why use Derby Measured Survey Services?

Derby Measured Survey has specialists with experience and skills to conduct extensive topographical surveys for your buildings and plot of land. Our swift and efficient services are cost-effective and trusted by hundreds of clients. Receive deliverables in scaled 2D AutoCAD drawings, point cloud data, or 3D Revit Models according to your requirements and specifications.

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