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Why use a Measured Building Survey Company?


Measured building survey has undergone great transformation over time. Earlier a building survey were done using a pencil and paper, something that modern invention has completely changed through advanced laser scanning technology. Derby’s measured building surveys can be presented in various formats, from accurate floor plans and drawings to accurate 3D models, according to a client’s specifications and requirements.

For any construction project, it is prudent to conduct a comprehensive measured survey as a first step so that the subsequent construction works become smooth, and without hurdles down the line. Conducting an on-site measured building survey at the design stage will help prevent risk of inaccurate measurements during a building construction, avoiding disruptions and inaccuracies before late. Derby Measured Survey presents to you everything you need to know about a measured building survey service, and the main reasons why it is necessary for all construction or building projects.

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is an-depth and accurate survey conducted to produce a clear picture of a building, showing all the structural elements and architectural features. A measured building survey is crucial for home redevelopment, renovation or extension, planning new layouts, room sizes or ordering for materials. The survey provides accurate data, showing the exact details of the building. The detailed data can be used to represent the project in a digital format for efficient use. Derby’s measured surveys depend on the leading 3D laser scanning technology, capturing data with pinpoint precision of up to 1 million points per second.

Why use a Measured Building Survey Professional in Derby?

  • You need accurate floor plans, cross sections, elevations, reflected ceiling plans or 3D models of a building to inform your planning, design and construction processes. Leverage on the Derby’s latest laser scanning technology for accurate measured building survey services with the level of detail required.
  • Accurate and professional surveys will reduce errors that normally prompt the planning department to reject a project. Inaccurate data would influence redesigning and additional planning, material and labour costs; something that could be avoided through our Derby’s trustworthy and efficient measured survey services.
  • A measured survey enables gathering of sufficient data from a building or structure to help make the needed changes. Engineers and contractors depend on a detailed report from a measured building survey for a clear picture of the building or structure, as well as an easy construction process. Complete a measured survey to attain an understanding of what work should be done before kickstarting a project construction.
  • Non-invasive methods of measured surveys, such as light instrument setup on camera tripod, are suitable for luxurious interiors and delicate heritage sites or archaeological objects.
  • Professional measured building survey is a simple, fast and efficient process. Depending on the size and complexity of your building or project, all the site data can be captured in under 2 hours, with pinpoint accuracy.

Why use Derby Measured Survey?

Our Derby’s expert surveyors will conveniently schedule a date and time for your site surveys, and arrive fully equipped with the requisite survey equipment. Upon completing scanning the site, we will produce 3D point cloud for the creation of accurate and detailed as-built 2D drawings or 3D BIM models onsite, according to specifications and requirements.

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